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Why I Switched to a NEW Website Hosting Company

When I first started creating websites, choosing a website hosting company was not at the top of my list of priorities. All I knew at that point was that I needed website hosting. I figured the cheaper I could get the better so that is what I went with.

It was cheap. Probably the cheapest you could get. But, even what I have now is not that much more expensive and handles way more than that website hosting service could handle.

There is a link to what I currently use at the bottom of this post.

The problem with my previous Website Hosting Company.

One of the mistakes I made early on in choosing a website hosting company was that it limited my options.

The hosting service that I found actually promoted the fact that they only had ONE PLAN. They acted like that was a good thing. In reality, that was terrible because it limited my options.

So when I would create a site that needed more resources they had no answer for that. My option was to either deal with it, or completely switch hosting companies and move the site entirely. I do NOT like moving websites from one website hosting company to another. It is very annoying and potentially time-consuming.

So what Website Hosting Company did I switch to?

When I realized I needed to make a change I did a lot of searching to learn more about the options. I did not go into a ton of in depth research but did know some of the basics of what I wanted.

I knew for sure that I wanted…

24 Hour Chat Support: I like to be able to copy and paste things into chat when I am trying to explain things. I even believe I can upload screenshots of what is going on. I do not like trying to explain extremely technical things over the phone. I would rather have chat support.

Host Multiple Domains on ONE Account: This is a must for me. I know it is typically shared hosting and you can end up using too many resources, but I need the ability to create multiple websites on one account and not have to purchase an additional hosting account.

Free Domain Name: I realize it is not really free moving forward. It is typically free for one year. But it is very helpful to not have to pay for that immediately and get it packaged with your account.

CPanel: This dashboard has become the standard for every company that I have used so far. But some did not offer it. I like the way it displays the options and am familiar with it so wanted that to be included.

Unlimited Email Storage: The other company had a 250mb limit on email storage so we had to keep going into the email and deleting everything or the inboxes would get full and the mail would stop.

WordPress Website Hosting Support: I have not used all of the options they offer related to this, but they even have a complete WordPress Website Hosting option that you can choose over regular shared hosting. Even more than that, their support people understand WordPress, which I use, and sometimes even go above and beyond by identifying a problem with WordPress and even fixing it for you when you contact support.

These really were the main things I wanted to make sure were included. Even though there are many other things you want to have available in a website hosting company, these were big for me. Not everyone offered all of these either.

Even though there are many companies that do offer those services and would work great, the option I chose is Bluehost. After making the switch I have used them since with no major issues. There are always things that can happen, but if there was an issue Bluehost was easy to contact and fix it very quickly.

I know you can find bad reviews about every company, and I am sure other people have had bad experiences with Bluehost. But I have not. It has been great and I continue to use them.

Change had to happen…

Even though my previous website hosting company did have some things that I liked like 24 hour a day chat support, I had to make a change.

There are many, many web hosts out there that can do a great job. Hostgator, Godaddy, and Liquid Web to name a few.

But Bluehost has always worked great for me, has excellent 24 hour chat support, is affordable, and has PLENTY of options for you to go with higher plans if your website begins gaining traction and needs more resources.

Check it out at the link below. I am an affiliate with them, but I DO USE BLUEHOST for every site I currently develop and love it. You also don’t pay any more by using my link.

By the way, I would suggest choosing the PLUS option as it will give you those options that I talked about in my list above.

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