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The Real Cost of Local Business Advertising

Advertising is a huge business.

Millions and Billions are spent on advertising both nationally and on the local business level. If you own or manage a local business you already know that.

There is a lot of pressure to get new customers. It is hard to know what local business advertising method will work. It used to be that the easiest, but most costly solution, got the most attention. Do what has always been done. Take out an ad in the newspaper. Rent a billboard. Print and mail postcards at a huge cost.

Newspapers used to be one of the only options for local business advertising.

Recently I researched prices in the newspaper for just one local town. The cost for a quarter page color ad for just one week was just under $400. Just one week! That is around $1,500 per month. There are many other small newspapers around, but this was just for one.

I am not saying the newspaper isn’t a good option for some people. Here is what I am saying…

If you need the help of a local business is your first thought, “I think I will look in the newspaper for a business.”? Or, “I’ll drive down the highway and look at the billboards.”

If you need a local business you are not going to the newspaper or billboards, you are searching online. It is great that you are found in other places too, but if you are not easily found online you are losing out on potential customers.

So, what is your strategy to become found?


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