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Google Marketing with Local Business Directory Listings

One of the BEST AND WORST things about Local Business Directories is that they automatically create listings for your business.

This is GREAT for your Google Marketing because there is typically a listing already created for you on most of these sites. So if your information is even close to correct a potential customer can hopefully find you on one of these listing directory websites.

This is also BAD for your Google Marketing because most likely the information in those automatically created listings is outdated or incorrect.

Plus since they are created automatically you may not know about them. People could be leaving negative online reviews about you on listings on sites you do not even know exist.

You may be getting bad publicity that is hurting your Google Marketing and not even know it.

What is the answer?

You need to claim and optimize as many of these local business directory listings as possible for at least two reasons.

#1 – Verification for Google:

When you claim and optimize local business directories you are letting Google know that you are a real business and that someone is managing listings for that business.

When you claim and optimize 50 or so business directory listings it gives proof to Google that your business is still in operation. Somebody still cares about the business enough to still be working on it.

When Google perceives that and has that verification it can then trust your business enough to possibly raise your website position in Google Maps and Google Search.

Of course nothing is guaranteed because Google keeps changing the rules. But you greatly increase your chances of getting found especially in local search.

#2 – You will be in Control:

When you claim and optimize your local business directory listings like Yellow Pages, Yellowbot, Angie’s List and Manta you are now in control of these listings.

These websites themselves will now let you act as the true owner and handle reviews and the content in the listings.

It can look very unprofessional for someone to find your listing and see that information, pictures and logo are wrong or missing. When you gain control of these listings the issues can be fixed most cases.

You can attempt to claim, correct and optimize these listings yourself. You can optimize many of your listings on these sites, but the data aggregators can reach even more of these directory sites.

Or, you can have Finding Your Business help you Claim and Optimize your listings on Local Business Directories

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