Learn How to Generate Positive Google & Facebook Business Page Reviews

…so that you can BURY Online Complainers.

What will you receive with the Positive Business Card Review package?

  • 1,000 professionally printed 6” by 2” glossy cardstock cards with your logo, phone number, website address, and QR Code with instructions about how to leave a Positive Review on your Google Business page or Facebook Business page.
  • Creation of the graphics needed to submit cards for printing.
  • A digital copy of the QR Code so you can place it on future promotional materials.
  • Positive Reviews of your Business from YOUR happy customers.

Have you ever had a Complaining Customer

Maybe you are a Business Owner, maybe a Manager, maybe you do marketing for a business, or maybe your current role is an Employee working at a business.

Regardless of your role it is a challenge to escape encountering someone complaining about your business or some aspect of your business.

Look, we are not perfect. None of us claim to be perfect. Sometimes people have a legitimate complaint. But most people in business will go out of our way to make it right. And MOST customers have enough sense to let the complaint go, and can go back to becoming a fan of the business instead of a complainer.

Most people you work with are probably raving fans of your business. But if not, at least they have enough character to move on when you fix the problem.

But here’s the deal. We also all know that there are SOME PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT BE PLEASED no matter what you do.

Have you ever encountered this negative, chronic complainer type person?

We all have. It doesn’t matter what you do to try to fix the problem. NOTHING you say will fix their problems because this type of person does not rely on logic to get through life. The chronic complainer relies on their FEELINGS to get through life. The problem is that you do not have any control or power over their feelings.

Nothing you do will fix this chronic complainer type person’s view of your business.

I heard of one story about a former employee of a company who was extremely unhappy. This person took their cause online and left an extremely negative review of this business. It really had nothing to do with the quality of the business owner or their products and services. It was simply a personal vendetta against the owner.

The owner was very concerned and wanted to have the review removed from their Facebook Page. The most they could easily do was to block the user, but the review still would not go away.

What can you do about Negative Online Business Reviews?

In reality there is not really much you can do to prevent negative online reviews of your business.

You can’t stop people from posting them. And in a lot of cases especially with your Google Business page and Yahoo Local Business pages and places like that, it is extremely annoying to try to contact the company to remove the review. And a lot of times they won’t remove it anyway so you are just wasting your time.

When someone posts a negative review of your business on a business directory website like your free Google Business page it is a huge challenge to remove it. They are really the only people who can easily remove their review, and they are mad. So it is not realistic to think they are going to remove it.

You see Google wants their Business pages to reflect real life. That is why you cannot easily, if at all, post positive reviews of your business for your customers. Even if you get approval from the customer to post these reviews for them, you can’t.

Even if you figure out how post reviews for people, you shouldn’t. Why? Because if Google figures out what you are doing they will most likely shut down your Google Business page.

So what should you do when you see a Negative Online Review? Bury it.

You can’t remove the negative review easily. So there is a simple solution that is more of positive approach, and lets you focus on building your business instead of focusing on the complainer.

What is the answer? Bury the negative review with positive reviews.

Typically most of these websites show the most recent review at the top. So if you generate a lot of positive reviews from your happy customers, the negative reviews will seem insignificant and be buried at the bottom of the list of reviews.

The solution is simple. Just bury the negative reviews with positive reviews.

But I already know what you are going to say.

  • You are going to say, “Yeah but, it is hard to get people to take the step of logging in and leaving a review.”
  • You are going to say, “Yeah but, how do I even tell people easily where to go to leave the review.”
  • You are going to say, “Yeah but, what if I tell all of my customers about how and where to leave a review and my complainers are the only ones motivated enough to leave reviews.”

Well, you are right. The danger is there. Someone could leave a negative review.

But we all know that people who are mad, unhappy and chronic complainers are going to find a way to these sites anyway. They will go through an amazing amount of annoyance to post that negative review.

But, your happy customers have no motivation to take action. They are happy. So to me it is worth the risk to inform the happy people and motivate them to post a positive review.

Have ever had a negative review posted about your business? How did you feel about it?

Maybe they did not post it online. Maybe they said it to your face. Most likely you replayed that over and over in your mind. Even after that person has moved on and long forgotten their issue with you, it still bothers you.

Now I want you to think about the other scenario.

What if you had a continuous stream of positive reviews about your business online that was promoting your business for you.

These positive reviews build social proof to people that a real live person used your business and loved it. These reviews really are your best type of advertising. Not only that, but will you feel better about the one or two negative reviews when you have 20 positives. Of course.

Remember even if you don’t have negative reviews at the moment, you need to building social proof by getting positive reviews online.

So what is the strategy? It is actually a very non-technical solution.

Our solution is something you can hold in your hand. Professional Cards printed on Glossy Cardstock that has your logo, phone number, website address and a QR Code with instructions and links to the places where a customer can leave a review.

Most if not all of your customers have a smart phone. The customer can pull up the link and leave a review directly by using the card and their phone. And, they will also now have something with them that has your logo, website, and phone number on it that will be a reminder about your business in the future.

One question you may have is this. What places should we direct people to leave reviews?

The specific answer to that question will vary from business to business. But a couple of places that EVERY business could benefit from positive reviews is your Google Business page and your Facebook Business page.

These Google pages used to be called Google Places pages and typically theses are the links that you see show up at the top of search results when you search for your type of business in your area.

If you do not have one of these pages, or have not claimed it, we can direct you to a resource that will help you do it. It is not hard, you just have to follow some specific steps to get access to it.

But, even though I think your Google Business page is the best place to direct positive reviews your Facebook page is another great place. We will place a link to your Facebook page, and instructions about how to leave a review on your Google Page. You can also choose to only have one option on the card if you only currently have one option.

Facebook Pages will have a QR Code and a link on the card to your Business Page. The best approach to have people leave a Google Business page review is to have them search for your business in the Google Maps App on their mobile phone or tablet. Your cards will give instructions to search for you in the app.

Now I want to let you in on a secret.

This really the key to this whole approach working successfully. Here it is.


Do NOT set these cards out on a counter. Do not give access to these to all of your customers. Why would you make it easy for complainers to leave a review?

Figure who your best customers are, and be aware when you notice a customer is happy. Then give them a Positive Business Review Card and encourage them to leave a review. If that person is genuinely satisfied an happy with your work, then they will be happy to leave a positive review.

What will you receive with the Positive Business Card Review package?

  • 1,000 professionally printed 6” by 2” glossy cardstock cards with your logo, phone number, website address, and QR Code with instructions about how to leave a Positive Review on your Google Business page or Facebook Business page.
  • Creation of the graphics needed to submit cards for printing.
  • A digital copy of the QR Code so you can place it on future promotional materials.
  • Positive Reviews of your Business from YOUR happy customers.

So what is your investment into this Business Resource?

1,000 Review Cards for $350.

We will create the graphics for print, have the cards professionally printed and drop shipped to your business, and you will receive an email with your QR code that links to your Google Business page.

All you have to do is provide us with…

  • Quality business logo
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Link to your Google Business & Facebook Business pages

Again, if you do not have a free Google Business Page or a Facebook Business page, we can direct you to a resources to help you get that in place.

The question is this. How long are you going to wait to begin generating positive business reviews?

It just takes one chronic complainer to post a review to cause problems. Why not get a head start and put a system in place now to generate positive reviews that buries the negative ones.

Get started today.


If there is any problem with the cards such as misprinted information, we will reprint or do whatever we need to to make it right. We want you to be happy with them and we will stand behind our work.

We do have a standard design so that will not change. So we put your information into that design. But, if you receive the cards and they are not correct with your information, we will reprint them and get the correct cards to you.

So use the link to purchase and begin generating positive business reviews.

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