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Small Business Website Optimization for Local Search

Every business wants to be found in Google and other Search Engines for terms related to their business on a local level.

Obviously that desire alone is not going to make it happen. Your small business website optimization in your local area will have to be an intentional effort.

Google specifically likes to keep changing the rules for how you are able to be found when people search for local businesses. They change rules regularly for general searching not related to local specific terms. But more challenging is when they change their own products like Google Places into Google Plus into Google Business.

These changes are typically for the better and make the Google products for valuable for your small business website optimization. The problem is that many have already put in the effort to optimize earlier versions of the product like Google Places and Plus only to find it has changed into something completely different and their effort is not maximized.

Ideas for Small Business Website Optimization for Local Search Terms even if you have Multiple Locations

Even though it can be confusing trying to figure out how to optimize your small business website, you can at least get started with a few action steps.

Small Business Website Optimization

I recently found an article on Search Engine Journal that explained in detail how to optimize and get found in local search with your small business website even if you have multiple locations. The same basic principles apply though even if you only have one location.

Some of my takeaways were…

  • Create quality content throughout your site focused on your customers regardless of how much you are trying to get found in search.
  • Do not duplicate content from one page to another to get found for multiple locations. Some businesses will create a great content page and duplicate it only changing out location information to get found for multiple locations.
  • Get quality websites in your local area to link back to your site. Websites that have the name of your city in them would be even better.
  • Do not cram your keywords into your content. Write for the reader.
  • Make sure your meta Title, Description and Keywords of your page have your exact and consistent keywords in them.

What is one of the most important Small Business Website Optimization action steps you need to take? Claiming Local Business Directory Websites.

All of those steps mentioned above are needed. But, those have more to do with what you do on your website. You still need to take a step off your website to get found locally.

Claiming your listings on local business directory websites with your EXACT business Name, Address, Website, Email and Phone Number helps Google confirm you are a real business and boost you in the search engines.

Here is the problem with claiming local business directory websites…

It is a huge pain to do. It is annoying. It is time consuming. I have done this manually myself and almost gave up because of the monotony of the task.

Finding Your Business can hellp you claim and optimize these listings.

In addition to cleaning up your business information and reputation online, it will also provide quality links to your website from local based sites that will help Google determine how to raise your website in Google Search. Check it out the article below.

If you are interested in having your Google Business and Local Listings claimed and optimized you can fill out the form and choose Google Business and Local Listings to learn more and get started.

>> The Complete Guide To Local SEO For Multiple Locations article by Brian Harnish from the Search Engine Journal.

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