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How To Comply With Google Demands for Local Business

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one person on earth outside of the Google company who could figure out what Google wants? Wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly what Google required of your business website?

It would be amazing to know how to comply with Google to rise in the rankings for Google organic natural search results.

I’ll be honest. I do not really know for sure what it takes for a business to increase in a search terms Worldwide or even Nationwide.

But, I DO know at least partially how to comply with Google for your Business to INCREASE in Google Search for Local Search Terms related to your City or Local Area.

What does Google want?

Google wants to see your Business Name, Address and Phone Number entered and placed IDENTICALLY in as many places across the web as possible.

The BEST PLACES to do this are on Local Business Directory websites like Yellow Pages, Manta, Merchant Circle, Angie’s List, Google Business, Yahoo Local and Bing Places.

This is because even though their sites contain listings for businesses all across the United States and more, their sites go very deep and drill down to your local area and community.

One of the reasons this works well is because the more local your links are the more relevant Google ranks you for terms related to that specific community.

That means that even though you probably cannot rank for Residential Roofing on a National scale, you potentially CAN rank for “Residential Roofing Charleston, South Carolina”.

If you are a locally based business that is all you really need anyway. What good is it for someone in California to find your listing when your local roofing business is in South Carolina?

The more relevant the websites are that you place your CONSISTENT Business Name, Address and Phone Number the more Google potential you will have in your Local City and Community.

This of course primarily happens when you also link your primary website in those listings as well. You want EVERYTHING that is off your website to link directly back to your main website.

[That is unless you are promoting a specific product, service or page on your site in an ad or promotion]

What is the best way to get a lot of these highly locally relevant links with your consistent Name, Address and Phone Number back to your website?

Claiming and Optimizing your Local Business Directories

You can attempt to claim, correct and optimize these listings yourself. Or you can let Finding Your Business help you Claim and Optimize your listings on Local Business Directories.

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