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3 Benefits of Placing your Business Website in Local Business Directories

Even though claiming, verifying and optimizing these business listings sounds like a minor thing, but it should actually be one of the FIRST things you do as a local business for EACH physical location you own or manage.

Once you have a website [even if you don’t have a website yet] you need to get control of these listings and start having them work FOR you instead of against you.

What are the benefits of having links to your website from these sites?

There are many reasons why you would want to have your business website on the local pages for Google, Bing, Yahoo and the Top 50 Business Directories. You can do this simply by claiming and optimizing your business directory listings using their individual systems.

1st – These are high authority local business websites.

When you get your business correctly listed on these sites like Manta, Merchant Circle and Angie’s List your website now has instant local authority in Google Search. You are basically riding the rankings of the more established website.

And since these sites have created a deeply local site structure they have already gained authority in your local city and community.

So correctly optimizing these listings can give your website a boost for your local city and community-based keywords and Google, Bing Places and Yahoo Local Search terms.

2nd – There are already many POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS searching for you on the Business Directory sites themselves.

Not only does your website benefit from these listings in Google and other search engines, but people will now be able to find accurate information about your business in sites like the online Yellow Pages, CitySearch and

The more places your Business is findable the better as long as it has correct information that leads back to your website. That is what these sites can do for you IF they are correctly claimed, verified and optimized.

3rd – You do not have to get permission to be on the sites.

You do have to verify your business, but they will put any business on the site that is willing to through the tedious process of verification. That means it is very easy to have your business placed on these sites if you are willing to go through the effort.

Imagine if you wanted to have your business placed on many of these high authority business related sites that already have a lot of web traffic and people searching for your type of business.

Imagine if you had to go through the process of contacting the website owner, getting their permission, waiting for them to do the work to create a page for you on the site, and then most likely having to follow up with them to get the job done.

If you had to personally get permission and convince a website owner to do the work of listing you, it would take a very long time.

Even though this process is extremely time-consuming, tedious and honestly very boring, there is one aspect of the process that is excellent for you as a business.

These sites are begging you to have correct and optimized listings on their sites, and most have created a way to get it done.

They even want your business information on there so badly that they have created automated ways to do it for you. They have most likely already created a page for your business on these sites.

The problem is that the information is probably incorrect or at best incomplete.

That is why completing this process should be one of the top priorities for your business. You need to take control of these listing and make sure that what potential customers are finding is correct and complete.

You can attempt to claim, correct and optimize these listings yourself or you can have Finding Your Business help.

Use the form below and choose the Google Business and Local Listings options to learn more and start the process.

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