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Create Quality Local Links to your Website with Local Business Directories

Awhile back many search engine optimization strategies centered around and focused on getting what are called backlinks to your website.

Early on it did not really even matter how quality these links were. Google either had not developed to the point of recognizing quality links or did not care.

The more external links you had on the web linking back to your website the better you ranked in Google Search. Of course there are always many other factors involved like local business directories, but this was a huge one.

So companies employed a strategy that even went as far as using what were called link farms to artificially create a huge number of back links to their clients websites. Google quickly recognized this and changed the system.

Local Business Directories Create Links to Your Website

One thing you need to recognize is that Google is always changing the system for getting to number one in Google Search.

When you put your entire strategy in rising naturally in Google Search you will be disappointed. Something will change and you will lose your spot through no fault of your own.

Now you cannot just get a lot of links to your site and rise in search. But, that does NOT mean that quality backlinks to your site are useless especially in Local Search Terms on Google.

Google wants verification that you are a real business and that someone is managing and working hard for the benefit of your online presence.

The reason for this is that Google is consumed with providing relevant answers to the people who are Googling.

Unless you or someone working for you has taken the time and effort to claim and optimize as much of your online presence as possible, why would Google allow your website to rise in the search rankings?

When there are inconsistencies with your basic business contact information like your Business Name, Address and Phone Number, why would Google promote you.

The answer is this. Google will NOT promote you unless it can trust that your business is real.

The quickest and best way to gain this trust in your LOCAL Google Search Terms like “Roofers in Plano, Texas” is to claim and optimize your Local Business Directory Listings and make sure that these optimized listings link back to your business website.

Consider having Finding Your Business help you Claim and Optimize your listings on Local Business Directories

What is the first step in figuring out how to comply with Google demands for your Business?

Get a completely free personalized online visibility scan of your listings in local business directories to see where your business currently ranks.

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Google Marketing with Local Business Directory Listings

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