FREE WordPress Video Tutorials

You can setup your own website for your small business for only the cost of website hosting and a premium WordPress Theme design. Or, of course, you can choose to hire a professional to help you.

But either way…

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you will need to purchase website hosting. Website hosting is basically online storage that holds the files and images that make up your website.

Free WordPress Video Tutorials - Small Business Website

Website Hosting has to be purchased whether you use a professional or not.

The website hosting I recommend is BlueHost Website Hosting [my link].

This is a very flexible service that can handle your email as well as your website needs. As you grow, it has larger packages available that can keep up with growing website traffic to your small business.

In addition to providing a FREE Domain Name when you purchase hosting, BlueHost also provides many FREE WordPress Video Tutorials including what is basically a ONE CLICK INSTALL that makes it is simple as possible for you to get your small business website online.

Below are the step by step free video tutorials showing you exactly how to install WordPress, install WordPress premium theme designs, and use the WordPress Dashboard.

The first step you need to take before creating your website is to purchase WordPress website hosting.

Click the graphic link below to get started. You will purchase the first years hosting, and you get to choose a FREE Domain Name for your website for the first year. They provide a search tool for you to check and see if the name [example –] you want is available. Check out the hosting link below and the step by step WordPress video tutorials.

Create your business website with FREE WordPress Video Tutorials

#1 – WordPress Overview and How To Install WordPress

#2 – WordPress Login and Admin Area

#3 – How to Create Pages in WordPress

#4 – How To Create Blog Pages in WordPress

Start your Business Website with the Best WordPress Website Hosting today. Click our link below.

#5 – How to Setup WordPress Blog Categories and Tags

#6 – How to Setup and Use WordPress Plugins

#7 – How to Setup and Customize WordPress Theme Designs

#8 – How to Setup Menus and Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

#9 – How to Create and Manage WordPress Website Users

#10 – How to Market and Promote your WordPress Business Website

Start your Business Website with the Best WordPress Website Hosting today. Click our link below.

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