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Free Small Business Website Security Scan

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is for your website to get hacked.

It is a terrible feeling to type in your website address and see nothing, or worse to see it has been replaced with a hackers message that is demeaning to your brand.

In reality though, a full blown hack is not the only thing you need to be concerned about. Sometimes your site can be hacked and you not even know it. That is why a free small business website security scan can be helpful.

Why would Hackers want to break into your Small Business Website?

You would think that a hacker would have no interest in gaining access to your landscaping business or coffee shop website.

But, they do.

It was explained to me by my business website hosting company that some hacking schemes involve gaining backend control of hundreds or thousands of websites so they can attack a larger target without getting caught.

When they launch their larger attack, they can send it through these sites instead of ones they directly own. They can even create systems to bounce around between sites, as far as I understand, to cover their tracks.

Regardless of what business you are in, your business website IS at risk.

How can you protect your Small Business Website from hackers?

The FIRST STEP is to see if your website has been infected with malicious code placed by hackers.

Your site may already be infected, and you need to ACT NOW to correct the issue.

Even though some hackers are trying to keep it a secret that they have control of your website, they still have control of your website. At any time something could go wrong or they could try to hide their tracks. That could cause serious damage to your site that may be irreversible if you do not have a backup.

So the first step is to get a Free Small Business Website Security Scan that shows how secure your site is at the moment.

Sucuri Site Check is a great place to start. They allow you to simply enter your website address, and within a minute or so see the results of the scan.

You can access that scanning site at the link below.

LINK >> Sucuri Free Small Business Website Security Scan

free small business website security scan sucuri

What do you do if you find your website has been hacked?

You WILL want to act on this as soon as possible if you find that your site has been hacked. Thankfully you have at least a couple of options in addition to what they offer on the Sucuri Scanning Site.

If your site has been created with WORDPRESS, you can use WPCurve.

This is an amazing service that keeps all of your WordPress Themes, Plugins and even your WordPress software up to date so you do not have to maintain the back end of your website.

They also offer a service where they will complete small website jobs for you. If you have been wanting to make small tweaks to your website that you have not been able to figure out how to do, they can help.

Here is the link to WPCurve.

LINK >> WPCurve WordPress Website Security

free wordpress small business website security scan

If your site has been created with anything else, use Sucuri.

Sucuri does NOT do extra small jobs for you, but they DO guarantee to keep your site safe from hackers. And, if for some reason your website is hacked, they can fix it for you.

Check it out at the link below.

LINK >> Sucuri Website Security

Please note that previously we recommended Sitelock, but NOW we recommend Sucuri Website Security.

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